Tecsound Damping Compound 3900

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Tecsound Damping Compound 3900

Floor / Ceilings

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Tecsound Damping Compound 3900 is a product that is ideal for new construction and renovation projects.

It is the most cost-effective and easy to use soundproofing material on the market.

Tecsound Damping Compound 3900 is a water-based, viscoelastic damping compound, with performance levels higher than any soundproofing product of its kind. It dampens air and structure borne noises and can be used in virtually any drywall wall or ceiling assembly. Tecsound Damping Compound 3900 can also be used in plywood and OSB assemblies. The compound’s unique properties act as a damping material to dissipate the vibrations caused by sound waves as they travel through ceilings, walls and floors. Independent lab tests prove that using Tecsound Damping Compound 3900 dissipates up to 90 percent of noise. Unlike other soundproofing products, Tecsound Damping Compound 3900 is ideal for dissipating low frequency noise common with home entertainment and theater systems.

It takes just a few minutes to apply Tecsound Damping Compound 3900 to an average piece of drywall (or other rigid construction material). It’s easy to soundproof a room in one day, or less. For best results, cure time is seven days, and the Compound reaches its peak performance 30 days after application. For even more reliable soundproofing system seal all gaps and seams with Techsound Damping Compound 3900.

Tecsound Damping Compound 3900 for Soundproofing Walls & Ceilings:

Improved sound isolation.
Outstanding low frequency isolation.
Eliminates short circuit risk in resilient channel walls.
Reduces impact sound.
High performance to low cost per square foot.
Thoroughly lab tested.
Tecsound Damping Comound 3900 for soundproofing other applications:
Reduces impact noise in floors.
Quiets stairs and risers.
Dampens stage, platforms and other structures.
Ideal for loud speaker construction.

Tecsound Damping Compound 3900 is extremely easy to use – No special trades or training required.

Ideal for DIY applications.
Non toxic
No mixing required
Simple, familiar, “caulk gun” application
Considerably reduced application cost
Light material squeezes from tubes easily – low worker fatigue

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