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Putty Pads - Acoustic Isolation Pads for Electrical Boxes

For All Electrical Outlet Boxes
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Untreated outlet boxes will leak sound in stud wall assemblies. The Putty Pad is a moldable, acoustic intumescent putty available in easy-to-use pad forms for electrical outlet boxes. The Putty Pad will not harden, exhibits great adhesion and will remain pliable allowing for easy retrofit.
The Putty Pad putty pad is specially designed to fit a common 1-1/2˝ deep 4S electrical outlet box. It has been tested in accordance with UL 263 at Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and is classified as (CLIV) a "Wall Opening Protective Material."
The Putty Pad is applied by hand which allows for quicker installations. Putty Pads aid in the reduction of the sound transmission through the wall assembly. The Putty Pad is specifically designed to maintain high acoustical ratings in fire rated walls.

A wall constructed for noise control will not perform to expectations when outlets are left untreated, particularly when outlets are back-to-back in the same stud cavity. The Putty pads can be hand formed around the back of the outlet box to prevent this common sound leakage problem in stud walls.

Not recommended for use in inside of the conduit fittings connected to the box. Remove the exposed release liner.

Do not apply over damp or contaminated surfaces.

Not recommended for exterior applications.


Underwriters Laboratories classified
Outstanding adhesion to outlet boxes and other substrates
Non-Hardening, permanently resilient
For use with metal and plastic electrical outlet boxes in gypsum wall assemblies.

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