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ML Board for Superior Acoustic Absorption

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ML Board is a lightweight semi-rigid Mineral Liner insulating with a facing of tough, smooth, mat black, non-woven glass. It is manufactured from flame attenuated fibers and bonded with a thermosetting binder. ML Board has been designed to meet building specification for a large variety of application. ML Board demonstrates superior sound attenuation characteristics. The unique multi-directional fiber structure and high density effectively traps and dissipates sound waves, reducing noise transmissions.

ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE – ML is inorganic and therefore will not promote mold or bacterial growth, and will not breakdown.

WATER REPELLANT- Mineral Liner Board repels water. It will not expand or contract due to climate changes.

FIRE RESISTANT – ML provides a critical line of defense in fire protection. ML is non-combustible and fire resistant. It does not develop smoke or promote flame spread when exposed to fire.

LONG TERM R-STABLE VALUE – The R-Value of ML will not change over time because Mineral Liner is not produced with blowing agents, which would off-gas and result in lower thermal performance.

Suggested Applications:

  • Theatre and Studio Walls & Ceilings
  • Enclosure liner
  • Fan Plenums and Air Ducts

ML is easy to apply and can be cut with common utility knives.  For secure and permanent installations use mechanical fasteners or specified adhesives.

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