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Iso-Sill™ Plate Isolation

Wall Isolation
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Iso-Sill™ Plate Isolation stays permanently elastic and unaffected by water.

Acoustic ‘flanking’ can seriously degrade the acoustic performance of a wall assembly. Iso-Sill™ ™ is used to help prevent structure borne noise from transmitting through the wall into the areas above and below the partition. Iso-Sill™ ™ is a permanently resilient gasket that decouples wall assemblies from the building structure to reduce the transfer of sound and vibration.

 Iso-Sill™ ™ Plate Isolation is manufactured with reclaimed rubber and is formulated with high damping acrylic polymers making it a “Green” product for LEED projects. The Iso-Sill™ ™ Isolation Plate is manufactured to carefully controlled density standards for trusted long term service.

Iso-Sill™ ™ Isolation Plate can be installed with mechanical fasteners, polyurethane based construction adhesives, or a variety of thin-sets and mortars. Iso-Sill™ is impervious to water, most chemicals and temperature change. Iso-Sill™ ® will not rot or support mold.  Iso-Washers for installation are also available through AcoustiGuard® – WILREP LTD.


Factory slit to width and easily field cut to length with utility knife.
Unlike fiberglass it is not affected by moisture.
Used for both top and bottom plates.
Can be used for a wide range of loadings (1-50 psi).
Continuous resilient support of partition.
Unaffected by water.
Will not support mildew or mold growth.
Can use mechanical fasteners or adhesives (PSA available)

Product Specification:

Iso-Sill™ is available in thicknesses of either 5mm or 10mm and available in a wide varies of required widths. Standard sizes are 1-1/4″, 3-1/4″ 5-1/4" and 8″ + custom widths available to order. The Iso-Washer comes standard at 1-1/4" in diameter and 1/2″ thick.
Iso-Sill™ Plate Isolation offers an easy and in-expensive solution for resiliently decoupling sound related assemblies from other parts of the structure. It effectively breaks the connection between related and non-related assemblies resiliently isolating sound and vibration.

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