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QT Impact Isolation Underlayment

Glue Down Hardwood or Laminate
Ceramic Tile
Vinyl Tile
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QT Impact Isolation Underlayment

QT Underlayment is a patented high quality sound control underlayment. Made from 92% recycled rubber and tested in over 200 laboratory and field test assemblies. QT underlayment has proven to repeatedly perform and meet design requirements. It's engineered for use directly under most floor finishes, yielding exceptional impact sound insulation results, even under hard surface flooring for concrete or wood-framed construction. At AcoustiGuard® – Wilrep Ltd. QT Underlayment is available in 48-inch-wide rolls in three standard thicknesses, 2 millimeter (mm) 5 mm and 10 mm. QT Underlayment can be installed under most types of grouted, glued, and floating floors, including hard tile, hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, sheet vinyl, and carpet. QT has been repeatedly tested, proven, selected, and used in some of the best hotels and multi-family developments in the world.

Highest IIC Rating
While many methods for reducing sound impact are available, no one product, on a stand alone basis, can match the IIC (Impact Insulation Class) ratings of QT- Sound Insulation. A sheet product, in continuous lengths, made from 100% recycled rubber, QT- Sound Insulation achieves higher impact sound reduction ratings than the industry according to ASTM standards E989-89 and E492-90. With IIC product ratings up to 25, QT- Sound Insulation outperforms cork, polyethylene, fiberglass and nylon matrix.

Lowest System Height
The QT- Sound Insulation single ply system not only ranks as the largest contributor to impact sound reduction, but also offers one of the lowest system heights in the industry. It doesn’t need a suspended ceiling to produce required IIC ratings and eliminates the need for ramping between rooms while allowing floor and ceiling heights to be increased.

Product range and versatility are important to builders and architects alike. QT- Sound Insulation offers thickness options that produces exceptional results under hard surface flooring – over concrete and wood joist constructions. Custom thickness’ are also available.

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