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Iso-Sep PM - Sound Control Underlayment

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The Iso-Sep PM Privacy Mat system acts as a decoupler by breaking the sound transmission path through the floor–ceiling assembly and prevents noise flanking room to room.

Iso-Sep Pm has demonstrated outstanding sound attenuation with a variety of construction assemblies and floor coverings including hardwood, engineered hardwood & laminate floors. Iso-Sep PM – Thin Mat Technology


Iso-Sep Pm is made from rubber which is still the best isolation material known and will not crush out.

Iso-Sep Pm has a profiled bottom surface of the pad that reduces the floor contact area by a nominal 80% while providing even support for the gypsum pour, or selected finished floor.

Iso-Sep Pm breaks the sound transmission path through the floor/ceiling assembly and prevents flanking from room to room.


Environmentally Friendly And Easy To Install


Manufactured from 100% recycled tire rubber bonded with a permanently elastic polyurethane binder contributes to LEED credits. Low voc.

Class 1 fire rated with a class 1 rated surface material. Designed for direct ‘pour over’, the carrying backer sheet is re-in forced fiberglass/cellulose.

Installs fast – easy to cut with standard utility knives.

Iso-sep pm lays flat and will not slip or buckle during installation.

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