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Iso-Sep 25HD Rubber Isolation Pads

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ISO-SEP 25HD is a one-inch, dimpled one-side isolation mat that can be installed directly under concrete. The dimpled geometry reduces the contact area with the primary structural building components by over 90% while still maintaining even support and load capabilities. Floor assemblies constructed with ISO-SEP 25HD will produce a low-profile Sound Rated floor system. One layer of ISO-SEP 25HD below a 4” over an 8-inch concrete slab achieves an STC rating of 69 and an IIC rating of 67. At allowable loading, one layer of ISO-SEP 25HD has a Natural Frequency of 13Hz. Two layers of ISO-SEP 25HD below a 4” over an 8-inch concrete slab achieves an STC rating of 71 and an IIC rating of 71. At allowable loading, two layers have a Natural Frequency of 10Hz. ISO-SEP 25HD can maintain loading to 1,020 lbs/ft2. With loading by application up to 2,040 lbs/ft2.
ISO-SEP 25HD Rubber Isolation Pads are made from 92% recycled automotive tires bonded with a permanently elastic polyurethane binder; the tire rubber is 100% post-consumer content. It does NOT contain PVC or formaldehyde and meets established Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) standards.
The ISO-SEP 25HD screed isolation mat can aid specifiers by potentially contributing towards earned LEED (NC-CI-EB) points. ISO-SEP 25HD is extremely easy to install. No training or special equipment is required. Roll it out, cut to fit, tape all seams, services and other penetrations and pour the concrete.

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