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Barrier Materials For Floors - Control Sound Transfer From Floor-To-Floor

Sound transfers through floors and ceilings is a continuing noise control problem, especially in older buildings.

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If you are not replacing the floor covering i.e. the laminate floors or wood tiles or in cases of rental properties where you are not allowed, then treating the high traffic areas with a quality carpet, barrier materials and or underlay might be your only options. There are two main issues regarding noise transfer: airborne sound and impact noise. Each are different and require separate soundproofing treatments.

Airborne sound is most easily dealt with using a NoiseBlok (MVL) or barrier materials with foam decoupler like BM-1C . Impact noise can be dealt with by using an underlay like Duracoustic  or Iso-Sep PM . For best results its best to use a combination of the MLV and Underlayment. 

BM -1C is a barrier material within an attached foam decoupling layer that can be placed directly on the floor then covered with carpet. The barrier lays flat and does not need to be glued or fastened to the floor. The sound transmission loss that is an achieved is significant compared to other methods that usually require a great deal more mass in the assembly.

Impact Noise can be dealt with by using a Plain barrier materials like the MLV can be used in conjunction with Duracoustic underlayment. This combination increases transmission loss and provides impact isolation to reduce the sound of people walking or moving around overhead. The Duracoustic or Iso-Sep PM is laid out on the floor with no installation requirements other than taping the seams. The MLV barrier is rolled out on top – perpendicular to the runs of Duracoustic (seams also taped) carpet is installed directly over the decoupled barrier to complete the floor finish.

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