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Soundproofing Floors

ISO-SEP 25HD is a high-quality sound, impact and vibration screed isolation mat. Suitable for use under light to full-weight concrete, or alternatively it can be supplied as discreet isolators for…
EdgeSeal is a closed cell cross linked polyethylene foam used to assist the installer in maintaining a 1/4” perimeter isolation space along the perimeter of a flooring installation.EdgeSeal Perimeter Isolation…
Duracoustic® underlayment system acts as a sound deadener as well as a decoupler by breaking the sound transmission path through the floor-ceiling assembly. DURACOUSTIC® sound control underlay, is a sophisticated…
Barrier materials provide excellent acoustic performance under carpets. Combined with a decoupling layer, these materials, are designed to block footfall and airborne sound transfer from floor-to-floor.  
Freedom Step® Layout Subfloor System serves a wide variety of applications where the absorption of impact and sound isolation are required. Freedom Step® Subfloor System and Freedom Step® Pro Subfloor…
Iso-Sep PM (Privacy Mat) provides exceptional acoustical performance in a low profile pad (4mm). Iso-Sep Pm answers the questions and concerns of multi-family builders by often exceeding code requirements for…
QT - Sound Isolation Underlayment & Impact Isolation Material for Soundproofing For Floors
 Dura-Son Acoustic Underlayment for Engineered Hardwood & Laminate Floors

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