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Fire Rated Barrier

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Petro-Chemical and Wastewater Treatment Plants
Gas Utility Pressure-Reducing Stations
Commercial and Residential H.V.A.C. Applications
Pipes that get very hot
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Acoustic LAG ‘FR’

1.0 lb. per sq. ft. loaded vinyl barrier with reinforced aluminum foil facing is an excellent acoustical pipe / duct lagging. It can be used on its own or as a barrier cover for over wraps like fibreglass or polyethylene foams commonly used on piping, ductwork and plenums.

The vinyl provides mass and flexibility while the aluminum foil adds increased mechanical strength, weather ability, an attractive appearance and improved fire retardancy.

Acoustic LAG ‘FRC’

1.0 lb. per sq. ft. loaded vinyl barrier with reinforced aluminum foil facing and nominal 1″ thick quilted fiberglass decoupler. This decoupling layer allows the vinyl barrier to float independently of the noise source for maximum performance. The fibreglass also provides a thermal break for applications where high continuous heat is present.


STC – Up to 27.
Fire Safe – Meets Class 1 when properly installed. Low smoke and flame spread.
Lag ‘FR’ and ‘FRC’ have an operation temperature of 40 to 220° F.
Easy Installation – Using bands, matching lag tape or mechanical fasteners.
No Down Time – Can be installed during normal equipment operation. No shut down required.
Durable – Tear and puncture resistance. Offers moisture, oil and chemical resistance. Will not rot, shrink or cause metal corrosion.

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