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Decoupled Barrier Materials for Pipes & Ducts Noise Reduction

Sounds traveling through piping and ductwork can be a serious problem. Turbulent flow piping noise can be caused by water or other liquids passing through elbows, valves or other transition pieces. Duct noise is caused by air flowing past deterrents or divisions which results in the vibration of the metal ductwork. This vibration then releases itself into the building as break-out noise.

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Barymat BM-1C is used as an external ‘wrap’ or limp barrier within structures to control noise leakage or penetration.

BM-1C is an extremely versatile noise control composite. It consists of a clear, tough polyester cover for contamination and weather resistance, a loaded flexible 1.6 lb. per sq ft. barrier for transmission loss and a 0.25 in. urethane foam decoupler. BM-1C is a very effective acoustic lagging to reduce breakout noise in pipes and ducts.


Barymat BM-1C effectively reduces radiated sound from a wide variety of sources.


LAG ‘FRC’ is a 1.0 lb. per sq. ft. loaded vinyl barrier with reinforced aluminum foil facing and nominal 1″ thick quilted fiberglass decoupler.

The scrim protected barrier provides excellent transmission loss and the quilted fiberglass decoupler allows the flexible barrier to float independently of the noise source for maximizing performance.

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