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Soundproofing Pipes & Ducts

ML Board is an easy to use, environmentally friendly, water repellent acoustic board used to soundproof air ducts, line plenums etc. The ML Board is available in black or cloth…
Antivibe DL-10 Liquid Damping Paste is an off-white, paste-like liquid that is easily applied by spray, trowel or brush. Once dry, Antivibe DL-10 can be painted to match decorative treatments
The InLine Silencer was designed to assist in reducing noise levels being transferred through the ducting system. This system is a completely inert device that with not hinder airflow when…
Lag ‘FR’ and Lag FRC products are acoustical Pipe / Duct Lagging, which combines a loaded vinyl barrier with a reinforced aluminum foil facing on one side has been designed…
The most effective treatment methods for the control of pipe and duct breakout noise is to wrap the piping and ductwork with a decoupled barrier material. Decoupled barrier material improves…

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