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Noise Control

The Scrim Wrapped Absorber panel is a durable and fire safe absorber designed to provide maximum performance in a wide variety of applications.The SWA - Scrim Wrapped Absorber Panel is…
Quilted Absorption Panels are designed to reduce reverberant (reflective) noise and absorb broadcast noise along transmission paths. The Quilted absorption panel is an attractive, fire rated absorption panel that can…
Quilted Barrier Absorber Curtain Panels provide an alternative choice to ridged panels and structures which can create access, production or maintenance problems.
The Acoustic Curtain System is made up of extremely rugged panels which will provide the modern manufacturing facility a long term, cost effective solution to most noise control requirements
Acoustic Ceiling and Wall baffles for food grade, medical examination rooms and other clean room applications. Acoustiguard Clean Room Baffles are acoustical baffles designed to aid in controlling sound reflections…

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