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AntiVibration Waffle Pads

 Anti-vibration Waffle Pads are a cost-effective, simple way to effectively isolate vibration and shock as well as reduce noise levels in a variety of applications. The molded waffle design allows for efficiently deflection without loss of stability. These pads have the ability to provide maximum resilience and a creep proof grip. Anti-vibration Waffle Pads are easy to install under most common shop machinery and equipment.
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Neoprene Waffle Pads are resistant to oil and solvents.
Waffle Pads firmly anchors the machine to the floor, preventing creeping or walking.
Aid in the control of vibration, shock and noise.
Easily cut to size with a sharp utility knife.
Save on installation costs, no cementing required.
Can be reused when relocating or on other machines.
Increases machine accuracy and extends life of machinery and tools.
Custom made and layered isolators are available with cut to size pieces of waffle pads and steel plates. 
* The Additional deflection achieved can be significantly increase vibration isolation performance.

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