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GoldLine Treadmill Isolation Pads

The noise and impact from Treadmills can travel to other parts of the building where it is heard as unwanted noise. Exercise mats are often too thin or too stiff to achieve any significant sound and impact reduction.
GoldLine Treadmill Isolation Mounts are 2” thick layered isolation pads made from superior shock damping materials. By combining ultra high performance elastomers with bearing plates, outstanding isolation values are achieved for the most problematic equipment.


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Treadmill Vibration is the one of the biggest offenders of noise in your commercial fitness facility or home gym. Treadmills produce low frequency impact vibration. Which if not properly isolated will travel throughout the entire building and remerge as unwanted noise. There are many flooring materials in the market today offering vibration isolation for your exercise equipment but the truth is it is either too thin or too stiff to achieve any significant sound and impact reduction

GoldLine Treadmill Mounts Offer:

  • High Isolation Efficiencies

  • Greater User Comfort

  • Reduces or Elimination of Sound Transfer To Other Areas Of The Building

  • Designed To Work with Most Commercial Treadmills

  • Easy Installation

  • A must have when residing in multi-level dwelling. When You Don’t Want To Disturb Your Downstairs Neighbors!

Standard Thickness:  


Standard Sizes

5” x 18” – Front Pads ( Front pad has retaining edge)

5” x 7” – Rear Pads

Load Allowance

Front not to exceed 450 lbs. ea.

Rear not to exceed 175 lbs. ea.

The AcoustiGuard GoldLine Pads are sold by the set – 2 front and 2 rear pads. Both top and bottom surfaces on the mounts are slip resistant.

Important Notice:  Buyers / Owners / Users of the ‘Treadmill Pads’ assume full responsibility for the safe installation, use, and regular daily inspections. Mount alignment with the equipment is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Regular inspection and adjustments are strongly recommended! Users of these products are entirely responsible for determining the suitability for their installation, application and compliance with any legal provisions, including, but not limited to, those relating to health and safety. AcoustiGuard Wilrep Ltd. assumes no liability whatsoever in connection with the purchase, installation, use or misuse of these products. Without limiting or affecting the foregoing (above) product liability notice (“IMPORTANT NOTICE”), Wilrep Ltd. warrants that the “Treadmill Pads” to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months. Wilrep Ltd. will replace (upon satisfactory proof of purchase from Wilrep Ltd.), any components which in Wilrep Ltd’s sole  discretion are inherently faulty due to product/manufacturing defects only. The information provided is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of issue. However, we reserve the right to make changes when necessary. Suggested applications may need to be modified to conform with local building codes and conditions. We cannot accept responsibility for products that are not used, or installed, to our specifications.

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