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IB-500 Red Line Pads - Anti Vibration Isolation Pad

For countless years felt has been used to absorb shock and vibration. The use of the IB-500 Red Line Pads under machinery today is a common practice because of it's ability to effectively isolate against transmitted shock and vibration. The Red Line Pad material are highly resistant or impervious to most industrial chemicals, oils and moistures. The life expectancy of the Red Line Pads in most cases will far exceed the life of your machinery with which they are installed.
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IB-500 Red Line Pads

IB-500 Red Line Pad Materials offer excellent performance because they have been specifically designed to provide optimal compression rates for the inertia block. This material is unaffected by oils, coolants, cutting fluids and other liquids normally found in the industrial environment. IB-500™Red Line Pad Material are conservatively rated, providing a life expectancy which typically exceeds that of the machinery being installed.

The material is manufactured in two densities:

IB – 500 – S2:  A less dense material, often used to isolate the walls of an inertia block.

IB – 500 – B1: A more dense material which is applied to the base surface of a foundation, usually in two layers.

Both materials are manufactured in 1/2″ thick sheets and are used layered where greater thickness is desired. The isolation material is protected from moisture migrating from fluid concrete by a water resistant covering which also provides a tough, abrasion and puncture resistant surface.

Although there are several different methods of installation, please contact our technical sales department for suitable materials and procedures to meet specific application requirements.

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