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Acoustic Sound Enclosures, Industrial Silencers

Noise control and reduction of destructive turbulence in the manufacturing industry is becoming significantly apparent with ever-increasing safety and growing worker compensation claims that involve hearing damage as it primary consideration. Initiation of an effective noise reduction program has become important for industries today.

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Enclosures and Silencers:

Enclosures are a specialty that have involved years of working in a variety of industrial environments. Enclosures have been designed for items as small as pneumatic controllers and as large as entire power co-generation facilities. With the inclusion of specialty doors and windows – all acoustically engineered – sound proofing solutions for even the most challenging environments have been created.

Silencers also called a muffler can be found everywhere in both commercial and industrial environments. They are used for a variety of applications to attenuate noise created by movement systems. Any operation that has an unusually high core velocity or large volume of sir will require silencers for effective noise abatement.

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