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Captive Rubber Mount

The Canadian made Captive Rubber Mount is a universal captive rubber mounting used to support, hang, anchor and guide many types of applications especially where certain types of mechanical equipment cannot tolerate a high profile mount.
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Captive Rubber Mounts - CRM

CRM Mount answers the need for a low profile, and have fail safe design. The all-directional captive rubber elements prevent metal to metal contact under normal use. Where the use of any bolt type fasteners or threaded rod up to 3/8” dia. in any length to suit application. The use of nylon insert self-locking type nut is recommended.

CRM mounts configure high quality natural rubber between pressure plates on a robust steel stand-off base. This permits a wide variety of installation methods in compression, tension or shear. Mechanical equipment mount type CRM is a low profile, acoustic standoff for all types of mechanical equipment requiring isolation from the structure for sound and vibration reasons.

Captive Rubber Mounts have a wide foot print for extremely stable mounting.

Suggested Application Use:

Garage Doors
HVAC Equipment
Garbage Chutes

Available in 30 and 50 Durometer:

CRM-305 compression / tensile 200 lbs, shear 120 lbs.
CRM-505 compression / tensile  400 lbs, shear 210 lbs.

Finish – Zinc Dichromate for corrosion control.

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