Decorative Acoustic Panels

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Decorative Acoustic Panels

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Decorative Absorption Panels offer improved workspace comfort and usability. The DAP enhances the rooms acoustics and greatly reduce reverberation.

Decorative Absorption Panels (DAP) are constructed using resin edge-hardened, 6lb/ft3 fiberglass covered with acoustically transparent fabric. The panels are custom manufactured for each job to suit each particular situation. Options are available with regards to size, thickness, shape, choice of fabric, and mounting system.

DAP panels offer superior sound absorption, tough abuse-resistant construction, environmental friendliness, quick and easy installation, and Class A flame spread rating.

Decorative Absorption Panels reduce noise reverberation from interior hard surfaces to create a more comfortable and efficient working environment. DAP panels are custom made to the designers choice of size or shape with a complete line of standard or custom finishes available. Decorative Absorption Panels may be installed continuously for an uninterrupted acoustical surface, or as individual panels or geometric groupings at selected work stations. Carefully designed mounting hardware is completely hidden and insures crisp, unassuming panel joints.

The most economical DAP’s are ones specified with square edges (other profiles available) and of sizes that consider the yield from standard 48” X 96” stock.

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