WILDAMP - “Peel and Stick Damping Sheets”

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WILDAMP - “Peel and Stick Damping Sheets”

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Wildamp Sheet Form Sound Deadeners control resonant vibrations on sheet metal structures and reduce the loudness and duration of random impact noises. Product Description Wildamp is a viscoelastic butyl rubber with an aluminum cover acoustical sheet designed for cost-effective vibration damping. Wildamp has a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing which is protected by an easily strippable liner. The permanent acrylic adhesive is rolled on to provide 100% contact for maximum damping effectiveness.
Product Benefits
• Vehicle Body Panels
• Ductwork, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
• Appliance Cabinets (i.e. Dishwashers)
• Metal Office Furniture, Lockers
• Sinks & Bathtubs
• Machine Housings, Chutes & Bins
Application Guidelines General Use Rule:
-Up to 18 Ga. use one layer -Up to 11 Ga. use two layers
-For thicker panels, experiment with multiple layers.
-Full coverage is best but adequate results can often be obtained by treating the middle or the most active portion of the panel.
-Experiment with progressively larger treated areas until desired reductions have been achieved.
Product & Performance Data
Sheet Size 46cm x 80cm (nominal 4 sq. ft.)
Sheet Thickness 2mm
Weight/Sq. Ft. 0.7 lbs. (2.8 lbs.-1.28 kg/sheet)
Cartons Packed 20 shts, 33” x 20” x 2” (82 x 51 x 4.8 cm) 26 kg., 58 lbs.
Colour Black
Adhesive Permanent Acrylic
Material Type Butyl High Damping Rubber, Aluminum Cover
• Performs well over a wide frequency range (63-4000 Hz)
• Temperature Range (100ºF to 300ºF, 60ºC to 150ºC)
• Excellent Water and Solvent Resistance
• Paintable
• Flammability - Self Extinguishing
Directions for Use 
-Wildamp can easily be cut with common utility knives or can be ordered die cut to size.
-It is recommended that Wildamp be applied at room temperature. (60ºF plus).
-When bonding to metal surfaces, simply remove the release liner and press firmly into position using a roller to ensure 100% surface contact.
-The surfaces must be clean and dry.
-A final wipe with isopropyl alcohol is recommended before application.
-Where surfaces are problematic, a pre-coating of a quality contact adhesive will aid adhesion.

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