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Convoluted Foam - Acoustic Sound Absorber

Convoluted Foam is an open cell polyurethane sound absorbing foam developed to assist sound absorptions of the mid-low frequency ranges.

The "cone" shape of the foam provides a more absorptive surface area than regular flat foam this “cone” shape effectively deflects and captures sound waves within the material making this a very acoustically competent foam.

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Convoluted Foam is an ideal choice when a lightweight, high-performance sound absorber is required, particularly where low and mid-range frequency sound absorption is necessary.

Suggested Applications:

Walls & Ceilings
Cabinets & Enclosures
Computer Rooms
Recording Studios

Standard Sheet Thickness: 1” Inch

Standard Sheet Dimensions: 54” wide X 72”, untrimmed (27 square foot)

Available in single sheets of in sets or 2 mating sheets.

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