Conasorb FTMM, Acoustic Sound Absober Foam Toronto Canada

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Conasorb FTMM - Sound Absorption Material

Enclosure liner
Engine compartment liner
Silencer liner

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Conasorb FTMM is a malleable polyester polyurethane foam, specially devised to absorb airborne, and random frequency noise. Combined with a metallized polyester film, it offers a high degree of contamination resistance.

Conasorb FTMM decreases airborne energy in the frequency ranges found in many environments. The noise is allowed to pass into the acoustical foam allowing the noise energy to be absorbed in a controlled manner.

Available Thickness:
½” inch, 1” inch and 2” inch
Standard Sheet Size:
54” wide x 72”, untrimmed (27 sq. ft.)
Standard Roll Size:
Rolls: 54” wide rolls (FTMM-50 and FTMM-100 only)
Custom trimming and die cutting can be provided.
Conasorb  FTMM is easy to apply and can be cut with a common utility knives. For secure and permanent installations use specified adhesive.

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