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Conasorb F - Acoustic Sound Absorber


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Conasorb F is a flexible polyester polyurethane sound absorbing foam specifically formulated to absorb airborne and random incidence noise, utilizing minimum weight and thickness. Conasorb F reduces airborne sound energy in the frequency range found in most environments. Conasorb F has a service life greater than that of polyether foams. The manufacturing control of the cellular structure ensures the optimum ratio of open and closed cells for maximum performance.

CONASORB F reduces airborne sound energy in the frequency ranges found in most environments.

Conasorb F is easy to apply and can be easily cut with a common utility knife.

For secure and permanent installations use specified adhesives – available from AcoustiGuard®  – WILREP LTD.

Standard Available Thicknesses: 1/2″, 1″ and 2″ thick

Standard Sheet Size: – 60″ wide x 72″ untrimmed (30 square feet)
Standard Roll Size: –   60″ wide x 75′ ( 1/2″  and 1″ ONLY)
Custom trimming and die cutting is available upon request.

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