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Barymat BTMM-14C - Barrier Absorption Composite

Noise Enclosure
Liner Engine & Generator Compartments
Marine Applications
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Barymat BTMM-14C is a versatile and durable noise barrier / absorption material. The composite consists of (from top down) a metallized Mylar facing that has high contamination  resistance and light reflectivity, 1.0 in. of acoustic urethane foam for sound absorption, a loaded, flexible 1.6 lb. per sq. ft. barrier for transmission loss and a .25 In. urethane foam decoupler. It is suitable for very dirty, wet or oily environments and can be exposed to direct spray.

Barymat BTMM-14C is easy to apply and can be cut with common utility knives.

For secure and permanent installations use specified adhesive – available from AcoustiGuard™ – Wilrep ltd.

Standard Sheet Thickness: approx. 1.25 in. – overall composite thickness

Standard Sheet Size: 54” x 72”, untrimmed (27 square feet) Custom die cut can be provided.

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