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Barymat 5 - High Density Plain Noise Barrier


Acoustic Wrap

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Barymat 5 is a thin, dense, plain noise barrier material available in a 1 pound per square foot barrier called Barymat 5B-0B or in a 2 pound per square foot barrier call Barymat 5B-0D (0.5 lb. also available). This flexible, mineral filled sheeting can be applied alone or in combination with other acoustic products where high transmission loss is required.

Available Thicknesses:

5 B-0B: 0.07” thick

5 B-0D: 0.14” thick

Standard Dimensions:

Sheets: 54” wide X 72” untrimmed

Rolls: 54” wide X 40’ rolls (5 B-0B only).

Custom trimming and die cutting can be provided.

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