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AcoustiGuard Reinforced Barrier Material

AcoustiGuard Reinforced Barrier Material (RB) is a loaded PVC with a fiberglass scrim center making it an extremely durable and highly flexible acoustic barrier. This one pound per square foot material is an attractive light silver/grey in color. It is very easy to work with and readily accepts fittings such as grommets or Velcro, making it an excellent choice for curtains or acoustic over-wraps. The surface is easy to clean and contamination resistant, allowing it to be used in nearly any environment.

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AcoustiGuard RB is:
Durable & flexible
Suitable for hung-up applications
Easily cut, fabricated and installed
May be stapled or nailed into position
Environment Safe – Lead and asbestos free.
STC ratings of 21 and 27 respectively. Higher STC levels can be achieved by layering the material.

Suggested Applications:
Pipe and Duct Wrap
Wall and Door Septum’s
Rooftop Equipment Barriers
O.E.M. Applications
Machinery Covers
Curtain Enclosures
Engine Housing Liners
Custom Die Cut Parts
Area Dividers

Available Thicknesses:
Reinforced Barrier Available in – Approximately  0.90″ inch. to .105″ inch. thick.

Standard Dimensions:
Rolls: 54” Inche Wide x 60’ trimmed (270 sq. ft.) – Part rolls are available upon request.
Sheets: 54” Inch. wide x 72” Inch. trimmed (27 sq. ft.)

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