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As the popularity of mixed-use commercial and residential buildings surges, so do amenities inside, like exercise rooms, studios, conference and party rooms. But with this comes an increase in noise complaints as impact noise transfers into the building structure through concrete and wood floor assemblies.

This annoying noise pollution aggravates tenants and property owners and can cause disputes between neighbours.

But how can we get the most out of our living and work spaces without compromising acoustics?

Our Freedom Stepand Freedom Step Pro provide a quiet space in residential or commercial buildings where dance, exercise, weightlifting and even heavy footsteps cause bothersome impact noise. Like underlayment, but better, this engineered floating floor helps diminish impact noise complaints by stopping vibration and impact before it gets into the building structure.

We supply the Freedom Stepsystem in easy-to-install Tongue and Groove panels. The panels’ pyramid-shaped isolator absorption pads, surrounded with acoustical insulation, give Freedom Stepan incredible Impact Isolation Class (IIC), making it the highest rated isolation floor available today.

Once installed, the subfloor system can then be covered and finished with any type of flooring. This feature makes it ideal for condo owners, property managers and developers.

Reduce noise complaints in your mixed-use building. See a detailed data sheet or contact us about the Freedom Stepfloating subfloor today.

Article by Brooke Wilkinson

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