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Location is everything for hotels and motels. Many are faced with different types of noise pollution, because they’re situated in the busiest areas. Highways, nearby trains, airports, and urban streets are all examples of noise pollution that present a challenge for a hotel or motel.

There are many ways hotels can tackle these issues and the best place to start is with major problem areas like windows and patio doors.

Common solutions like buying double or triple-pane windows will do very little in the area of soundproofing. You’ll save on heating and cooling expenses, but you won’t accomplish much else.

Since “stronger” windows aren’t the answer, many hotels now consult soundproofing companies like us for the solutions they need. In the most basic of cases, we can create window plugs, which will then be installed inside the existing windows to help stop sound from entering the suite from outside.

We make our removable window plugs out of Conasorb F, a flexible polyester polyurethane sound absorbing foam that absorbs airborne and random incidence noise, using minimum weight and thickness. 

Other options for increasingly glass-faced hotel rooms and suites include architectural acoustical solutions, like DeAmp Transparent Sound Absorber Panels. They are clear and practically disappear into the windows or glass doors. Acoustic absorption is achieved through airflow resistance via the micro slits in the panels.

But it’s not only noise from outside that irritates hotel and motel guests. Room-to-room noise transfer, such as hearing yelling in the next room or a TV blaring at 3 a.m., is often just as annoying.

There are soundproofing solutions for walls and ceilings to help keep suites quiet. Isolating structure borne vibration and reducing sound transfer is key to ensuring hotel guests don’t hear each other. Resilmount Sound Isolation Clipsinstalled with two layers of drywall and noise damping compound Green Glue in between will achieve this.

Decorative Absorption Panels are a cost-effective solution can help improve sound within a hotel room – reducing reverberation and making large suites acoustically better while maintaining a stylish look. They can also help improve sound in sizable common areas, like lobbies.

Something else to consider is that many modern hotels now have fitness centres and gyms to serve guests’ needs. The impact noise from dropped weights or heavy footsteps on equipment can transfer into suites underneath and adjacent. Our Freedom Step and Freedom Step Pro Subfloor Panels are engineered floating floor systems that allow multi-use buildings like hotels and motels to function by mitigating structure borne sound transfer.

 With a holistic approach, considering noise coming from outside, adjacent rooms, and common areas, soundproofing a hotel or motel is possible.

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