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Atriums and offices are finished in glass, drywall and hard floors. Aesthetically, they’re eye-catching. But once people are in the space an issue becomes obvious – the acoustics are awful due to the highly reflective surfaces.


Glass, drywall and concrete are the most common materials in modern architecture. They present a clean line and lends a feeling of openness. But these materials are poor sound absorbers – the reflecting sound in the room makes conversations unintelligible and produces reverberation and echo.


The obvious answer is some acoustic treatment. But most sound treatments are bulky or unattractive – and none are transparent.  However, there is an answer.

DeAmpTransparent Sound Absorber Panels are the perfect solution in buildings that have a lot of glass, or other hard materials. They are clear and practically disappear in front of any material or background.


DeAmpPanels can be placed directly in front of windows with a typical transparency is of 91%, where optical (lens) glass is only 93%. Made of high-transparency acrylic, they are inherently UV stable and will maintain clarity for many years.


Acoustic absorption is achieved through airflow resistance via the micro slits in the panels; this technology is covered by both International and U.S. patents.


Allow glazing and background materials to tell the architectural story and preserve the visually open impression.


Article by Brooke Wilkinson


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