How to Soundproof a Pipe

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Water rushes down the pipes and it sounds like Niagara Falls flowing in the rooms or unit below.


Whooshing followed by trickling and then settling, it’s agitating, not to mention off-putting.


Pipes frequently pose soundproofing problems for business owners, homeowners and tenants alike.


But there are solutions. Here’s how to soundproof a pipe.


Understanding the Sound

First, you need to understand how and why the sound is being transferred in order to begin pipe soundproofing.

Turbulent flow noise is often caused by water and other liquids traveling through elbows, valves and other transition pieces.


Although pipes are hidden behind walls and ceilings, none of these are soundproofed in typical building assemblies. Breakout or radiant noise easily escapes into adjacent spaces.


This is why it’s best to soundproof pipes before they pose a problem – so you don’t have to tear things out and rebuild.


Pipe Soundproofing 

Barymat BM-1C is cost-efficient acoustic lagging that reduces breakout noise from pipes.


The decoupled material, separated from the noise source to prevent transmission, is extremely effective at stopping sound from entering neighbouring spaces.


To install, measure and cut BM-1C with a common utility knife and wrap it around the pipe, ensuring the sections overlap to eliminate any gaps and get the best acoustic performance.


Like BM-1C, Acoustic Lag FR is a fire-rated barrier material for pipes, and Acoustic Lag FRC is a decoupled, fire-rated composite. The Mass Loaded Vinyl provides flexibility while aluminum scrim foil increase mechanical strength and weatherability. All of these products are easily installed with bands, matching face tape or mechanical fasteners.

Now you know how to soundproof pipes. These products can also be used to soundproof ducts – more on that here.

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