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While much of the sound that transfers from one room, office, or business to the next is manmade sound—or sound that can be turned off and on as you wish, some sounds are automated or somewhat unavoidable. While unavoidable, with the correct acoustic insulation materials you can reduce noise from some surprising sources of sound transfer.

Supply And Return Vents

Your HVAC system is likely automated to keep your home or office at your desired temperature. While you don’t want to do anything to disrupt the airflow or temperature, you may not be pleased with the placement of the vents, and the transfer of noise from one room to the next, or even from one floor to the next. Poor placement of vents can make it seem as though there is no barrier, and no privacy from one room to the next.

Duct System

Sometimes the placement of HVAC vents is the problem, but sometimes your ducts carry noise from your fan, air handler, furnace, or AC. By adding an in-line silencer and the appropriate insulation soundproofing, you can eliminate vibration, noisy flow of air, and the transfer of sound—without disrupting airflow or temperature.

Water Pipes

While average water flow from a sink may not be disruptive, the water flow from a dishwasher, washing machine, or toilet may be disruptive. Even if not disruptive during daytime hours, each can be enough to wake you up at night. Depending on where the sound is most disruptive, you can install a DIY sound insulation board—or you can add soundproofing wraps to your pipes & ducts.

AcoustiGuard provides the DIY insulation and acoustic soundproofing solutions you require to manage the surprising sources of sound transfer discussed above—and many more!

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