Will You Ever Adjust To The Sounds Of The City?

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If you have recently moved to Toronto or any other large city, you might be having a difficult time adjusting to the sounds of the city. It may seem as though everywhere you go and everything you do; all sounds are amplified. Add that to the new sounds you have to adjust to, public transportation, all-hour activities, and the sounds of living in a multi-residency building.

Give It At Least 3 Weeks

It takes 21 days to make something a habit, so the noise that seems overwhelming when you first move in may not be as apparent after you give it a few weeks. Even residents who live close to major train lines barely notice the sound after a few weeks. For sounds that are still overwhelming after a few weeks, turn to the tips below.

Make A List Of The Sounds That Are Most Disruptive

Start by making a list of the sounds that are the most disruptive. This is often noisy neighbors, vibrating ducts, buzzing appliances, hallway traffic, elevators, foot traffic, cars, and kids and pets playing outside. Note the times of day when the noise is most disruptive, and whether the noise is daily or sporadic.

Start Exploring Your Options In Soundproofing Barriers

There are a variety of soundproofing barriers that you can use to eliminate or greatly reduce the disruptive sounds of the city. Start with simple decorating solutions, such as adding area rugs with thick pads underneath. Strategically place furniture, for example, place your large bookcase or armoire in front of one of the walls where noise is more apparent. Also add enough furniture to each room to help to absorb the sound vibrations—without cluttering the room. Once the simple solutions have been utilized, find the appropriate DIY soundproof solutions.

AcoustiGuard has a variety of permanent and temporary DIY soundproofing barriers. Find what you need to soundproof walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, pipes, ducts, office areas—and more!

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