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Due to improved electronics, advanced home sound systems, virtual technology, and multiple gaming apps, there may be a lot more noise in your home compared with a few years ago. There are now multiple DIY soundproofing solutions that can be added to every room in your home, or to the areas where you need to amp up your soundproofing.

Determine Which Noise Issues Are Most Troublesome

The first place to begin is to determine what sources of sound are the most troublesome. Create a list of the sounds that are the most distracting, and which rooms they are coming from. Also, note if there are times of day when the noise is most apparent. Sometimes a shift in scheduling activities will resolve your most pressing noise issues.

Consider Repurposing Rooms In Your Home

Next, you want to consider repurposing the rooms in your home. For example, if you have a basement or attic, consider turning that into either a quiet oasis, or even a space reserved for loud music, movies, gaming, or play. You could also rethink your bedrooms. For example, if you are a light sleeper and your bedroom is close to the front of the house, you could swap rooms with a sound sleeper whose bedroom is currently near the back of the house.

Install Some DIY Sound Barrier Materials

In addition to the suggestions above, consider investing in some DIY sound barrier materials. You have many options to choose from, starting with basic area rugs and noise reducing window treatments. Also consider, more advanced solutions such as:

  • Soundproofing pipes and ducts
  • Adding a permanent and temporary soundproof flooring
  • Investing in window treatments designed to keep the noise out

If you are having a difficult time finding the peace and quiet you desire, in the comfort of your own home, turn to the tips above to restore peace and quiet. If you are in need of DIY soundproofing barriers, AcoustiGuard has the largest online selection for Canadian home and business owners.

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