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new-construction-and-acoustical-isolation-systemsIf you are building or remodeling a rental property for residential or commercial use, then you may contemplate what type of soundproof insulation to invest in. While you must invest in enough soundproofing to comply with local building ordinance, you may consider taking things to the next level.

A Proactive Approach to Noise Complaints

Noise disturbances are a common cause for tenant-to-tenant complaints. By taking additional measures to soundproof your building, you can greatly reduce managing noise complaints within your building.

Inquire About Your Commercial Renters Daily Operations

Even if you invest in additional soundproofing, your retailers and commercial renters may produce more noise than usual. This does not mean you should turn down a new renter, but you should clearly outline your expectations, regarding how they further soundproof their space. This includes any renters who perform theater, play musical instruments, sing, play loud music, or operate heavy machinery. Some athletic and sporting facilities will also produce more noise than average.

Don’t Forget the Small Details

Sound can transfer through the ceilings, floors, and walls, but tenant-to-tenant noise transfer must not be your only concern. When soundproofing your remodeled space or new construction, don’t forget:

  • Soundproof Water pipes;
  • Soundproof Ducts and HVAC systems;
  • Invest in noise-reducing doors and windows;
  • Consider placement of doors and windows that may face areas of high exterior traffic or noise;
  • Consider the soundproofing benefits of carpet;
  • Walls that border hallways and stairwells may require additional attention;
  • Attics and basements that may be turned into more traditional living spaces.

AcoustiGuard offers acoustical isolation systems to Toronto, Canada home and business owners. We offer solutions for pre and post construction of both residential and commercial. We even offer DIY products to noise proof your home theater or music room.

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