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keeping-your-private-life-privateWhether you rent or own, you have the right to your privacy. This includes privacy from nosy neighbors and fellow residents. There are several simple ways to improve privacy, even if your bedrooms and living spaces are close together.

Upgrade Your Doors

Doors play a large role in minimizing the transfer of sound from one room to the next. If your doors are made of lightweight materials that easily transfer sound, upgrade to a thicker door or a door designed to reduce sound. This includes room doors, exterior doors, and bedroom closet doors.

Strategically Place Your Sound Systems

The layout of your room must be conducive to function and flow, but also consider your furniture’s role in improving your privacy. Where you place and how you angle your TV and in-room speakers can drastically improve privacy. Even if you play an ambient noise, the placement will help minimize outside noise, providing you with a peaceful oasis.

Add Sound Absorbers

Think of the last time you were somewhere that echoed. It was likely an empty house, room, or even an outdoor canyon. The reason the sound echoed is because nothing absorbed the sound. Some fast and easy sound absorbers include:

  • Area rugs, even when placed on top of carpeted flooring,
  • Upholstered furniture,
  • Upholstered window treatments,
  • Fabric and textured walls,
  • Temporary or permanent sound absorbing panels.

Soundproof Your Rooms

Another option is to soundproof your rooms. Even if you are renting, there are many soundproofing solutions to choose from, including temporary acoustical isolation systems, permanent sill plate installation, and soundproofing floors.

AcoustiGuard offers the DIY sound absorbing and sound proofing solutions you require to improve your privacy at home. Improve your peace of mind by making a few adjustments; the impact will be immediately beneficial.

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