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4-ways-to-make-your-bedroom-quieter-and-more-comfortableGetting a good night’s sleep is essential for your overall health and well-being, but if outside noise keeps you up at night, you may be searching for a soundproofing solution. Below are a few noise barrier materials to consider in your bedroom.

Soundproofing Your Windows

Even if you have quality windows and sound resistant window treatments, it may not be enough to keep the noise out. Consider adding DeAmp transparent sound absorber panels. These panels can be removed when you move out, and can remain open during the day so that you can still enjoy the sunlight.

Soundproofing Your Ceilings

Sometimes the footsteps above your head are what keep you up at night. If the floor above you is owned or rented by someone else, consider adding panels or an added layer of drywall that is soundproofed with green glue, and maybe even a resilient sound isolation clip.

If you own your home, you can start by adding an area rug to wood floors. If that isn’t sufficient, add a soundproofing layer to either the above floors or your ceiling.

Reducing Wall-to-Wall Vibration and Noise

If the sound that keeps you up at night is coming from within your house, or within your apartment complex, then you may be looking for a more permanent noise barrier system. Wall-to-wall noise reduction systems are similar to the solutions mentioned above in the ceiling solutions. Choose your solution dependent upon the noise that is the most disruptive. For example, if your HVAC or plumbing is waking you up at night, wrapping with pipe and duct noise reduction solutions may be your best option.

Aside from the tips above, consider ear plugs and white noise machines to drown out a sound. All of these soundproof solutions are available at our online store!

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