Does your Gym need floating floors? Here’s 3 reasons why.

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does-your-gym-need-floating-floors-heres-3-reasons-whyFloating floors and sprung floors are the flooring of choice for many dance studios, martial arts studios, gyms, and other athletic businesses. If you are considering adding a floating floor, you might be wondering what the benefits may be. Below are the top 3 reasons to add a sprung or floating floor.

Improved Performance

Sprung floors do not need to be nailed or glued to the preexisting floor, making for easy installation and removal. They are a popular flooring choice for dance studios, martial arts studios, indoor gyms, or any other indoor sport and fitness centers. The flooring creates a softer and less jarring surface, which improves both comfort and performance. It also reduces the likelihood and severity of injury. While the floor is “sprung” it is a solid, even, and smooth landing and performance surface.


Athletic endeavors require jumping, leaping, and sometimes rhythmic sounds—such as tap dancing. On top of that, treadmills and other fitness machines are noisy. This noise can be quite disruptive to your neighbors, especially those who operate on the floor beneath you. This is why you need a good noise barrier system. Adding a removable sprung floor will help to absorb much of the sound, keeping you in your neighbor’s good graces. It will even help to manage your internal sound control.

Shock Absorption

Athletes and dancers train hard, so you want to do what you can to ease the stress, strain, and shock placed on their bodies. Adding a sprung floor will absorb much of the shock when landing from acrobatic and aerobic activities. This is especially important if your business has cement, laminate, tile, or other jarring floors. However, floating floors are also of benefit when added to wood floors. Even if your sport of choice requires participants to wear shock-absorbing athletic shoes, your floating floor will further lessen the shock.

Easy-to-Install Floating Floors

While gyms and fitness centers are some of our top clients, our soundproof subfloors are ideal for multipurpose spaces. Floating floors are fairly easy to install, and only require a handful of tools—a mallet or hammer, plywood, and a wood block. In order to best meet your needs, we offer two different models of Freedom-Step Sub Floor Panels—standard and pro.

To learn more about our floating floors, or any of our other soundproof subflooring solutions, head over to the AcoustiGuard website to take a closer look.

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