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InLine Silencer for Duct Noise Reduction

What is an In-Line Silencer?

The In-Line Silencer is an apathetic device that when installed assists with the attenuation of noise levels being transmitted through the duct system. The In-Line silencer is a completely passive device that will not impede airflow when attached to the existing ductwork. Made of metal and lined with acoustic mineral liner. The Inline Silencer is easy to install and available in 2 diameters – 5” and 6”.

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How would I use an In-Line Silence?

Excellent for loud, annoying sounds travelling throughout your duct work from source such as noisy air handlers, fans, loud furnaces and air-conditioning systems. It virtually eliminates the transmission of voices, music and home-theater systems from travel from one room to the next.

There are many uses for the In-Line Silencer here are just a few examples:

Home Theater Noise Reduction
Conference Room Noise Reduction
Lecture Hall Noise Reduction
Music Studio Noise Reduction
General Household Noise Reduction

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