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Scrim Wrapped Sound Absorber & Moisture Resistant Panels

Pool Areas
Shooting Ranges
Dog Kennels
Medical Testing Areas and Mechanical Room environments
Absorptive lining for existing metal housings.
Duct Lining
Engine Housing Liners
Excellent alternative to drop in ceiling tiles.
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SWA’s “Flame Spread” and “Smoke Developed” ratings of 5 each provides suitability for applications requiring low flame and smoke emissions.


NRC – Up to 0.94. Tuned – for mid and low frequency response.
Fire Safe – Low smoke and flame characteristics.
Durable – Tear and puncture resistance. Offers oil and chemical resistance. Will not rot, shrink, or cause metal corrosion.
Custom Designs – Custom sizes and thicknesses. Available in reflective foil and bright white polypropylene facings.
Easy Installation – using adhesives or mechanical fasteners.
Wide Temperature Ranges – from – 40° to 450°F. Moisture Resistant  Cleanable – Steam cleanable.
Safe – Lead and asbestos free. USDA/FDA CertifiedWall Mounted Panels – reduces in-plant ambient noise levels.

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