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Clean Room Ceiling and Wall Baffles for Controlling Sound Reflections

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Alternative to drop-in celiing tiles
Commercial / Industrial Plant Ambient Noise Reduction
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Clean Room Baffles are just one acoustical solutions for clean-room environments and those that require cleanable, washable, durable surfaces. AcoustiGuard provides product specifically designed for medical examination / testing rooms, bottling and food processing plants, clean rooms and food preparation areas.

Clean rooms require washable, cleanable, dust and fiber free supply materials. Clean rooms and food preparation usually are designed with hard and reflective floor and wall treatments, which create a high level of reverberation or echo leading to poor speech intelligetability within the clean room. Clean Room Baffles are a proven and effective soft absorber to reduce reverberation and ambient noise levels – for use in overhead and upper wall areas. Simple and economical to install and maintain. AcoustiGuard baffles are non-invasive of the work area. easily installed as well as easily moved or repositioned to accommodate equipment and space changes in the working area: may be quickly taken down and re-installed for cleaning or other maintenance. The patterns and spacing are readily modified to allow for sprinkler and lighting requirement restrictions.
There are several other acoustical products and supplies that can be used in clean room design to reduce noise from equipment to create a better working environment. Acoustiguard offers clean room wall panels, baffles and ceiling tiles that can be used with your clean room design to help control noise and vibrations.
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