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DeAmp Transparent Sound Absorber Panels

DeAmp Transparent Sound Absorber Panels are clearly unique.

The use of glass to create a feeling of transparency and openness is a coveted option for architects and designers.


With transparency on par with optical glass DeAmp panels used in front of glass windows maintains the architectural grandeur of 'Enclosed Openness' while developing a sense of acoustical peace within the room. Optimal acoustic levels can be achieved while maintaining the natural daylight levels throughout interior spaces.

DeAmp Transparent Sound Absorber Panels are perfect for use in building structures that have a high use of glass, concrete or other hard surfaces. The Sound Absorber Panels can be attached directly on the wall, or in front of windows, pictures or light sources. For aesthetical purposes it is possible to print directly on the panels.

Authentic DeAmp panels are made from high-impact resistant, high-transparency copolyester, which will maintain clarity for many years. Typical transparency is 91%, where optical (lens) glass is 93%. Acoustic absorption is created from air flow resistance through the micro slits in the panels and is the foundation of the International and U.S. patents. Communication and room function is enhanced or hindered by room acoustics. DeAmp panels
allows the 'visual communication intent' of glass partition walls in conference rooms or open offices to be maintained while preventing room reverberation from interfering with intelligible speech. DeAmp panels used in large volume rooms will reduce reverberation times and allow

The acoustical treatment simply disappears and allows the background material to tell the architectural story.
DeAmp Panel options include:

•Edge or Backlighting
•Transparent Through to Opaque
•Graphic Printing
•FDA Compliance
DeAmp panels used in front of any other hard surface such as concrete or drywall will produce the same acoustic effect as when placed in front of glass – the acoustical treatment simply disappears, and allows the background material to tell the architectural story.

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