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  • Genie Clip Installation on Wood Stud

Genie Clips

GenieClip an affordable & reliable sound solution. Significantly reduces the transmission of airborne and impact sound through wall and floor/ceiling assemblies.

Engineered for superior acoustical performance.

Genie Clip is a vibration absorbing and sound Isolation Clip. The Genie Clip is an affordable & reliable sound solution used on both wood and steel wall stud and ceiling joist applications. Engineered for superior acoustical performance. The Genie Clip significantly reduces the transmission of airborne and impact sound through wall and floor/ceiling assemblies. GenieClips™ are a unibodied molded rubber and galvanized steel part used to attach drywall to either wall or floor/ceiling assemblies. Made from recycled components, and engineered to allow a reduction in assembly weight, the GenieClip™ contributes to LEED certified building.

      • Significantly improve low frequency sound control performance.
      • Substantially improves impact noise and helps stop sound through walls and floor-ceiling construction.
      • Substantially reduce costs and associated problems in wood truss floor/ceiling construction and still meet code for fire and sound control—great for apartment construction
      • Fast and easy to install.
      • No short-circuiting as is often the case with resilient channel .

Easy to Install:
The Genie Clip is easy and fast to install using standard steel furring channel and held in place with a single fastener. The furring channel is simply snapped into the Genie Clip and the drywall can be immediately installed.

Used in Ceilings:
The Genie Clip in connection with an acoustic insulation like Roxuls Safe N Sound between the joists and a dampening material like Green Glue as well as Green Glue Noiseproofing Caulking, will create a superior acoustic break between the bottom of any floor joists and the drywall ceiling.

Used on Walls:
Vibration absorbing Genie Clips are also recommended to upgrade the sound insulation of any wall; particularly effective at reducing loud music or bass noise penetrating the wall. Ideally, a new stud batten frame built spaced away from the current wall is recommended. This will create a sealed, insulated gap between the new wall and the existing one. Fill in between the studs with an acoustic insulation like Roxuls Safe N Sound. Care should be taken not to fit the acoustic insulation too tightly. A loose fit is better than a tight fit. The GenieClips are screwed to the stud frame from floor to ceiling using our self-drilling screws followed by one or two layers of drywall. For best results, add an additional layer of drywall with Green Glue damping compound and seal up all seams with Green Glue Noiseproofing Caulking.

  1. What are Genie Clips?

    Genie Clips are isolation mounts that install in rows directly to the ceiling or wall steel and wood framing. The Genie Clips then have furring hat channel attached via pressure fit and layers of drywall fasten to the channel with regular drywall screws.

  2. How many Genie Clips do I require?

    Every wall / ceiling is a different dimension / size so to simply say you will require ___ # of clips is impossible. The manufactures of the GenieClip have come up with a handy usage chart to help determine how many clips you will require. This is still only a guide. It is always advisable to purchase a few extra clips for the application. It would be terrible to get to the end of the assembly and be one or two shy. Again it is impossible for the manufacture to know if you have windows or doorways and how many.  Every applications is different, so plan a head and order a few extra.

  3. Can I install Genie Clips over existing drywall?

    The answer is yes BUT, installing over rigid surfaces like drywall will seriously reduce performance.


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