Foundation Isolation

Isolation for Machinery and Equipment

foundation isolationIndustrial facilities often have a need to isolate sensitive equipment from surrounding vibration or shock from other equipment sources. Conversely, it is often more efficient and less costly to isolate a vibrating machine from it surrounding environment Team Novibra's isolation technology can achieve effective isolation in either of these instances.

Any degree of vibration or shock disturbances will render sensitive equipment such as co-ordinating measuring machines completely useless.The entire function of these instruments relies on unencumbered operation from start to finish.

A common solution is to construct an isolation inertia block with effectively shields the equipment from the transmission of vibration from outside sources. Properly designed and constructed, the inertia block laid on top of the correct Novibra component, will provide protection for sensitive pieces of equipment. The same application will dampen vibration created by machinery and protect the surrounding factory.

Isolation for Buildings and Structures

train city sceneSubways, trains, streetcars, machinery and equipment - all sources of vibration in buildings and structures. Failure to consider these factors in building engineering may have serious ramifications for building owners and occupants. Team Novibra's selection of isolation products has proven effective in controlling vibration in demanding environments, including seismic activity.

Recording studios, theaters, and residential apartments around the world have benefited from the use of AcoustiGuard - Wilrep Ltd. products to isolate their foundations from vibration. Using proven engineering techniques and a combination of rubber, composites and steel components, vibration in problem areas can be effectively reduced.

cross section gk block foundation isolationVibration in buildings cause by outside sources is not just a nuisance - it can dramatically affect the life span and maintenance requirements of the building by degrading the structural integrity of foundations, supporting members and curtain walls.

As well, vibration has a negative effect on human health contributing to stress and other health related problems. Vibration isolation is an important factor in creating a pleasant, safe environment where people can live, work and play in comfort.

If you are planning a building project, or anticipate future problems as a result of subway, rail, or road extensions, consider all your options.
AcoustiGuard -Wilrep Ltd. has the answers to vibration control problems.

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