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We’re pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive Canadian distributor of RealAcoustix LLC.

Known for their line of diffusion products, RealAcoustix, and now AcoustiGuard-Wilrep, offer the largest range of diffusers and re-directors worldwide.

Leading the industry in performance and aesthetic, our bass traps, custom-made wood absorption products, and standard fabric panel absorbers are where acoustics meet design.

Click below to see some of our new Architectural Acoustics line. All photos courtesy RealAcoustix. 

(1) Various products in Airshow Mastering, design by SIA Acoustics - Sam Berkow and Jeffrey Friedlander - and RealAcoustix
(2) GuD Panels in Starbuck Studios, design by Acoustician Chips Davis
(3) DSA/ DHA Panels - architectural wood absorbers

Don’t forget to stop by Booth 4818 at IIDEX17 to see some of our Architectural Acoustics products in person and meet Richard Lenz, the Founder of RealAcoustix. 

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