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Acoustics Week In Canada, hosted by the Canadian Acoustical Association, takes place this year in Guelph, ON from Wednesday, October 11 – Friday, October 13. Every year it brings together exciting developments in acoustics and vibration – as well as a chance for those of us in the industry to network, educate one another, and share innovative products.

We’re very excited to be a part of this year’s exhibitioners, where we’ll be displaying our new line of Architectural Acoustics Products, including our innovative DeAmp Transparent Sound Absorber Panels, that, when placed in front of glass and other hard surfaces, improve the room’s acoustics while practically disappearing.

Stop by to see our table at the show to learn more!


We’re excited to see keynote speeches, Bang! Damage from Impulse Noise and the Effectiveness of Hearing Protection with E.H. Berger, M.S. from 3M’s Personal Safety Division, Flow-Excited Acoustic Resonances in Shallow Cavities from Samir Ziada - Mechanical Engineering, McMaster University, and A Rationale for a National Classroom Acoustics Standards with John Bradley, retired from the National Research Council.

Also, we’re pleased to announce that AcoustiGuard-Wilrep Ltd. Architectural Acoustics Manager Peter Harper will be joining Ryan Bessey and Tim Gulley on a paper presentation about Room Acoustics Model Calibration: A Case Study with Measurements based on their findings. Detailing the acoustic performance results of the use of DeAmp Panels in both virtual modelling and a real world installation.

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