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 Here, at AcoustiGuard-Wilrep Ltd., we are always hunting down new information about acoustics and soundproofing, both for our own research, and to share with you. Along the way we’ve come across some pretty interesting stuff. See our favourites and let us know if there are any sound facts we’ve missed.


1.Hearing loss caused by noise is due to damage to tiny hair cells in the inner ear. It is irreversible – hence, why you need good soundproofing!

2.Why do our recorded voices sound so weird? Here’s why.

3.Loud airguns used to locate gas and oil under the ocean floor are causing animals to leave their natural habitats.

 4.This year, Environment Minister Anil Madhav Davesaid that noise pollution exceeds allowable limits in seven cities in India, including Mumbai and Delhi.

 5.The 1883 Krakatoa volcano eruption was the loudest sound ever recorded. It burst eardrums 40 miles away.

 6.Electric vehicles are so quiet they’re a danger to pedestrians; such cars are now required to have devices that artificially generate sound to indicate their approach.

 7.White Noise has long been thought to help sleep, but scientists recently discovered that ‘Pink Noise,’ a mix of high- and low-frequency sounds, is more effective.

 8.Psychoacoustics is the study of how sound is perceived and how it affects the body and mind.

 9.Sounds louder than 85 dB can damage your hearing. Again, why quality soundproofing is important!

 10.Blue whales are the loudest animals – their whale calls are a whopping 188 decibels (dB)! Jets, by comparison are 140 dB.

 11.Poor acoustics and long reverberation times can cause glass rooms to become unusable due to speech unintelligibility – here’s a solution.

 12.Sound travels faster through hard materials like wood than it does through air – 8,859 miles per hour (mph) versus 767 mph. Vibrational noise through a building structure – not airborne – is what causes many soundproofing issues. See some solutions here.

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Article by Brooke Wilkinson

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