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Q: I have a question about soundproofing. Noise from the main levels seems to echo throughout my basement. Is there anything I can do to the ceiling in my basement to help soundproof the rooms down there? I thought maybe I should take off all of my drywall, install something in my ceiling to dampen noise, and afterwards reinstall my drywall. Is this correct?


A: It’s important to consider what type of sound you’re experiencing in your basement – is it airborne, impact, or both?

Both airborne and impact noise can be treated with something that decouples the gypsum board from the rest of the structure. Your assumption that you’d have to reinstall the ceiling material is correct – you’d need a sound absorbing clip with furring channel to decouple the drywall from the rest of the structure, then a noise dampening compound like Green Glue and a second layer of drywall to ensure the best results. Learn more about our Resilmount Sound Isolation Clips and how they work in ceilings here.

If the impact sound is intense with kids playing or people dancing, you may also want to consider an acoustical underlayment under the carpet or laminate on the floor above. Our Duracoustic and Iso-Sep PM are both good options for this. Learn more about our solutions for soundproofing floors here.

But believe it or not, you may still hear noise. This means you’ll need to soundproof other areas of your home that aren’t near or connected to the basement in order to achieve the level of quiet you’re looking for. This is due to flanking paths – noise can enter a room from indirect paths, often by going under walls – even those that are so-called ‘soundproof’. Our Iso-Sill Plate Isolation can help address this issue.

Soundproofing your basement is no easy feat – but the peace and quiet achieved will be worth it!

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