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Sergio Cocchia is the chair for the Pacific Autism Family Centre. When he decided to build the centre near Vancouver International Airport, the decision was naturally met with a great deal of skepticism. Sensory issues are common in individuals with autism, and to anyone overly sensitive to sound, an airport would be one of the worst places for them to be near.

wwwwHowever, the centre exists without having to worry about noise. One would be amazed at how quiet and serene the interior is.

How was this achieved? Soundproofing. While the building that houses The Pacific Autism Centre looks unassuming, its soundproofing qualities definitely set it apart.

Nearly 70, 000 people in British Columbia are impacted by autism and the institute works with approximately 60 children per day. Combine that with adult visits and other services, the centre works with around 200 individuals on any given day.

The driving force behind the creation of the building was the need for a stress-free environment that would allow the children and the centre’s visitors to focus on their interactions and other developmental activities. The centre is not designed to shield autistic individuals from the harsh realities of the world.

“Our kids need to live in all spaces. It's about learning to live in communities. But getting rid of those sensory challenges that might inhibit their ability to get the most effective treatment? That was our goal,” Cocchia said.

The Pacific Autism Centre has an impressive dedication to overcoming sensory-related issues in individuals with autism – and we’re happy soundproofing could help.

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