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Every high-rise building and large commercial property has a transformer - and almost every transformer has a distinct humming noise.
The cause of this sound is alternating voltage and currents that make a transformer's steel core extend and contract. The result is the familiar vibrating hum.
If left uncontrolled, this hum can irritate tenants, affect job performance and reduce quality of life.
A soundproofing solution is needed. Here's what you need to know about reducing transformer noise.
First off, waiting until the transformer is installed and a space is in use is a mistake – fixing the problem after the installation is going to be both costly and time-consuming.
The primary mode of sound transfer from a transformer is structure-borne vibration. Transformer units need to be isolated with properly designed vibration pads, or a better solution is to isolate the housekeeping pads that the units are installed on.
Iso-Sep 25HD is a high quality sound, impact and vibration isolation mat that's ideal for use under transformers. The dimpled material, easily installed right under concrete, reduces the contact area with the building structure by over 90% while maintaining even support and load capabilities. Under a floating floor or housekeeping pad, an STC/ IIC of 71 can be achieved.
But it's not just vibration noise that causes irritation from transformers – airborne sound can be controlled with a Sound Barrier Wall System.
Silent Protector Noise Barriers are lined with acoustical mineral wool. They are absorptive, lightweight and easy-to-install. This system provides a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.0, the highest achievable rating. They are non-conductive and can be grounded, making them safe for use in areas where transformers are installed.
With both of these products, you can reduce transformer noise easily and efficiently.

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