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Quite simply the impact of the runner hitting the treadmill deck drives impact energy into the base building.

In this concrete case. The thing not well understood is that once this energy is in a concrete structure, it carries that vibrational energy rather efficiently.

It travels omni directionally from the impact source (in this case a treadmill) and will acoustically “Flank” up and down shear walls where it will reemerge as unwanted noise in other parts of the building.

The answer to this is to introduce an impact isolation material that will absorb and damp this energy before it gets into the structure.

That’s where the Gold line Treadmill Isolation Pads come into play. The isolation materials chosen for these mounts will keep the treadmills stable but still damp a high degree of energy before it passes from the treadmill feet into the concrete below.

This is not unlike the rubber vibration isolators supporting the engine in your car that stop that noise from coming back into the passenger compartment.

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